Group Chess Class Information   
Taught by National Master Bruce Kovalsky

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Upcoming Class Schedule:

Lesson + Quad/Swiss Tournaments
TBD Lesson & Quad Tournaments
Upcoming Class Activity:
None Scheduled

Lesson 2:00pm
Swiss/Quad Tournaments 3:00pm

For most Group Chess Classes  I hold a lesson at 2pm (topic: TBD) + NWSRS-rated Quad or Swiss Tournaments (3+ games vs. players closely rated, chess-themed prizes for the winners)  starting at 3:00pm. 

Most sections are over by 5pm, some higher rated Quads may last until 6:00pm; Chess-themed prizes for the winners.

Register/RSVP by emailing or calling/texting me by Friday night and make payment ($15 single event/$20 both) as you check-in. I will send a reminder the day before which will list the current entries.

Last session I held a lesson on The Art of Attack, then held a swiss tournament, with Anata and Alex tieing for first with 2.5 of 3.  All results here.

I play chess at!

The location for all lesson classes & tournaments is Kumon Math, in Issaquah Highlands, between Lladro Café, Subway and Sip restaurant; park either on the street or in the parking lot behind it. Come eat at surrounding restauSaverants, and get free Wifi access at nearby Lladro cafe

I offer a Group Chess Class taught in a classroom setting in the Issaquah / Sammamish, WA area (east of Seattle). My goal is to improve your chess playing skill through in-depth analysis and explanation of intermediate to advanced chess concepts. I vary the content among opening, middlegame and endgame topics. 

Contact me
f interested in attending classes or NWSRS rated tournaments. I also teach private chess lessons on a case-by-case basis, schedule permitting.
Target Student Audience
: Older elementary, middle school, high school. Adults also attend and are welcome.
Date: Usually Sunday afternoons
Possible Formats:
2:00pm to 6:00pm max (Lesson 2pm + Quads 3pm)
2:00pm to 5:00pm (Quads only)

(please check-in and arrive 5-10 minutes early)
Lesson Format: About 45 minutes lecture on a chess topic using a demo board, then 45 minutes of open play, optionally using a chess ladder, applying concepts learned. Equipment provided, handouts and snacks sometimes provided. 
Tournament Format: NWSRS-rated tournaments (either Quads with 3 games vs. other players in a 4 player section, or Swiss paired events where players play others with same score). Tournaments are held Sunday afternoons or evenings with chess-themed prizes for the winners.
LocationKumon Math, Issaquah Highlands 1036 NE Park Dr, Issaquah WA 98029 MAP
Cost: $15 per person per group lesson class or quad, cash or check. Special $20 for both Lesson + Quad.

NM Bruce Kovalsky
Chess Accomplishments:
  • Member of Washington State Team vs. BC, Canada Top 10 Player Border Match, 2004 & 2005 (scored 1 win and 1 draw)
  • Nominated for a Sammi Award in the Learning Promotion Category, March 2007
  • Board 2, US Amateur Team Champions, Quadrupled Pawns, 1984
  • Board 4, Pan-Am Intercollegiate National Team Champions, U.C. Berkeley, 1981
  • Numerous individual smaller tournament victories and high finishes
  • Became USCF National Master in 1983
  • Peak rating of USCF - 2278, FIDE - 2225

Involved in the following chess clubs:

  • Join my group here
  • Founder & Chess Club Advisor, Pine Lake MS, 2001-Present
  • Founder & Chess Club Teacher, Sunny Hills Elementary, 1997-2005
  • Chess Club Advisor, Pacific Cascade & Skyline HS, 2005-present
  • Advisor to other local chess clubs
  • Interviewed for Destination Issaquah newspaper article  about area chess clubs in 2004